How many employees do you have?
Leo currently employs over 35 full time employees and runs around the clock.

What materials do you work with?
Leo has worked with most metals.

What parts do you manufacture?
It is not possible to name a part as such as we machine components which are then used in various assemblies/parts by our clients.

What tolerances do you work to?
0.005mm is not uncommon and 0.01mm is typical. Closer tolerances might require outside grinding operations.

What size parts do you deal with?
Small to medium. Most of the parts we manufacture can be held in one hand. Maximum 250mm dia and length upto 500mm Also we can do bar feeding jobs upto 50mm dia.

What size runs do you deal with?
Due to the high concentration of CNC machines we are obviously more geared towards repeating parts as set up is factored into production costs. Medium to larger runs are preferred, but we also do very small jobs depending on the situation and the customer.

Do you fabricate? Heat Treat? Etc.?
As of now this facility is subcontracted.

Who are some of your customers?
We supply to some of the leading OEM manufacturers. Plsease refer to the Clients section of the website to read a list of our clients.

Do you have a rate card or hourly rate?
No. We work on a quote basis.

Do you do assemblies?
Not as of now but we are interested in taking up long term projects involving assemblies.