Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We shall manufacture machined components with a commitment to reduce cycle time, waste elimination, and fulfilling delivery commitments.

We shall strive to reduce defects in products and enhance customer perception measured against repeat business and new product development.

We shall engage competent personnel & suppliers and ensure continual improvement in effectiveness of our QMS.

Issue No.02
Date: April 1, 2011


Quality Objectives

  1.  To increase revenue earning 15% more than previous financial year by eliminating waste and low value addition jobs.
  2.  To maintain average customer satisfaction index above 80%
  3.  To dispatch delivery commitment 90%, provided customer acceptance of materials, payments & Q.C. check done on time.
  4.  To conduct 10 training sessions in the organization for the current financial year
  5.  To maximum permissible post-delivery rejection per batch to be 1%.
  6.  To restrict the number of break-down occurrences of every machine to 2 every month. Break-downs of 30 minutes or less are not to be counted
  7.  To attend all the customer complaints within two days from the date of receipt of complaint.