Leo Leader

Mr. Mayank Momaya is the founder director of Leonine Engineers Pvt Ltd. Though the company was registered as a private limited only in 2005, its seed was sown 27 years ago. In 1984, Mr. Momaya, a mechanical engineer from VJTI (Mumbai) started his first company Kash Engineering to meet, as he puts it, ‘the smaller needs of the industry’. Two years later Kash grew to become Leo Engineers. Or simply, Leo as it is known till date.

Under the leadership of Mr. Momaya, Leo adopted a path of growth and excellence. Over the years Leo has made a niche for itself as a reliable and quality conscious machined component vendor.
Mr. Momaya is known for his innovative approach to challenges and his passion for quality. Being self motivated and a perfectionist, it’s not easy for those around him to be left far behind.

His habit of involving himself in the minutest of details is a boon – our clients consistently get quality products and our company is known for its customer-orientated approach.

His thorough knowledge along with the willingness to learn new concepts and practices has propelled Leo to continually improve upon its functioning and technology.