About Us

Leonine Engineers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified precision machining unit, specialising in machined components. We have been meeting the needs of high profile industrial OEMs since 1984, providing uncompromising quality in close tolerance parts, pricing and delivery.

With 27 years of valuable experience in manufacturing, working with the latest technology, our trained and dedicated personnel make Leo a responsible corporate entity in the global market.

We provide our customers with high value, cost effective, and reliable solutions giving them a definite edge over the competition.

Our commitment to innovation and a willingness to explore new concepts has uniquely positioned Leo to provide expertise in a number of specialised areas.

Our team provides a product that is of the highest quality and a service that is second to none. The company employs skilled people and enjoys a successful working relationship with other key players in this field.

Our commitment to professionalism and years of experience in the local industry enables us to meet the requirements of clients with large and complex projects, while still ensuring each client receives the personal services they expect.